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Promoting the Good News about Jesus Christ and encouraging Christians to share it with others

"First Contact" Cards

Since July 2002 Contact for Christ has worked in partnership with a Baptist Church in South London. This church has produced a postcard style-response form with our Freepost address which they use in personal evangelism. To date over 20,000 cards have been distributed.

The text on the card offers a free booklet explaining how to make a fresh start with God and/or information about where to meet local Christians. Enquirers who request a booklet receive a copy of On Your Marks and those who ask for information are referred to a local member of the Contact for Christ Register, who will write to them.

Responses to First Contact Cards

Both Contact for Christ and the South London baptist church have been encouraged by the number of responses received using this material.

Using "First Contact" Cards

First Contact card

For further information on how you could use First Contact cards in your church's outreach, or if you have your own literature that you would like to use our Freepost address on, please contact us.

Some Good Reports from First Contact card enquiries:

London: I visited him... in his room. He is from Ghana and had been in the UK for four months when he was injured working (illegally?). He swallowed some diluted caustic chemicals which damaged his throat so now he has been on tube feeding into his stomach... He gets lonely and needs company. He is visited by a Nigerian Christian, but needs more. I will endeavour to arrange support... He has accepted Christ and has a Bible etc...

...He is doing really well, has a radiant faith and attending a local church. He needs major surgery to replace his throat and is expecting to get this soon.

London: "B. had joined the Raleigh Park Christian Centre"


"I visited M. ... we had an hour together and prayed. She seemed to be encouraged. She is in contact with a church... and I encouraged her to be more involved with the church in prayer meetings and midweeks fellowships. I also put her in contact with a group called Face to Face who help Christians start up their own business. We will meet again, but seems fairly stable in her church and established in the faith.


Have written now 3 times to S. who has replied to the first two, at the present he only wants to write, but when he feels confident that things are going OK he will be willing for me to visit him in his home.


We have known C. for some years and Praise God! He has accepted Christ as his Saviour. We will be baptising him at our church on Easter Sunday. We will continue to support him in the Rehab in Salvation Army Mens Hostel.


K. replied to the letter. She asked for a visit. I went and talked, read the Word with her and prayed. Hopefully she will be coming to church.


Mr N. also filled in our "Church Blue Leaflet". I phoned and invited him to our services. He has now attended the services the last two Sundays and on Thursday evening and has indicated a desire for water baptism. We will be in constant touch with him. I have given him a copy of "John's Gospel". That is Good News! Praise God!

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