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Good Reports Received

Location: Inverness
Source: Deo Gloria Website

The enquirer had been 'put off' church as a young man. From time to time he read the Bible. I spoke to him of Jesus, and the miracle of forgiveness by Christ's death. The enquirer responded and we knelt together to pray for Jesus to become his Saviour and Lord. Further meetings have been arranged.

Location: Ireland
Source: UCB's Word for Today

Just to let you know that I have visited S. on a couple of occasions. It has been encouraging for me to speak with her. She seems to have made a genuine commitment to Christ. I sought to find out if she truly understood the gospel of grace and discovered that she is quite clear about it. Praise God. I left her some literature, prayed for her and her family (husband and two children). I have invited her to a Bible study in my home on Sunday evenings. She already attends a local church which is Bible based and I encouraged her to keep attending. So, it has been an encouragement and privilege to visit her.

Location: Dundee
Source: Telephone call to Contact for Christ

Visited the enquirer. Will keep in touch with her. She will come to church. I have also put her in touch with our deaf ministry, lip-reading and signing classes. Arranging for other people to visit her.

Location: Sunderland Source:
UCB's Word for Today

Letter sent. Received telephone message requesting further contact. Rang and encouraged her to go to women's fellowship and church. She attended both and received warm welcome at both. She has said that she is going to attend regularly.

Location: Northern Ireland
Source: UCB's Looking for God Website

Have contacted the person by e-mail and discovered that they attended our church last Sunday and responded to give his life to God. I've met with him - gave him a Bible (he didn't have one), plus other literature. I will maintain contact - have already texted and e-mailed him several times.

Location: Northwich
Source: UCB's Word for Today

Referred to a church nearer to her. Contact has been made and she has been attending the church. She is interested in doing an Alpha Course and is full of questions about the Christian faith. She had very little knowledge of the Bible and everything is very new, but she is "near the Kingdom."

Location: Barnsley
Source: MeMo

I phoned and arranged to meet him in his home the next day. We had a very pleasant meeting, talked through a number of questions and issues that he raised. Having been away from church for over 20 years he would now like to return. I told him about a suitable local church and he agreed to contact me again if he needed to.

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