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Cathedral Exhibitions

Cathedral Exhibition - Rites of Passage at Rochester Cathedral

The large number of tourists and visitors to the 44 Cathedrals in England and Wales present a wonderful opportunity for evangelism - something that is not always easy to do in such places. For this reason Deo Gloria has commissioned a series of exhibits specifically for showing in Cathedrals that would encourage visitors to think about various aspects of the Christian faith and give Cathedral guides an opportunity to present Jesus as a personal Saviour.

There are now 12 separate exhibitions each comprising ten screens:

Good Grief?
Jesus is...
The Journey (Stations of the Cross)
Our Father
Rites of Passage
River of Life
Running the Race
The Servant King

Each exhibit is accompanied by a leaflet which gives further details and background information. We have also commissioned exact copies of Creation, Prayer, Our Father and Rites of Passage as banner sets which are available for churches to hire.

In 2010 Deo Gloria published a hardback book which showcases the work of the Cathedral Exhibition and includes photographs of many of the 100 screens.

The Cathedral Exhibition has its own website located at:

Deo Gloria Trust, c/o 12 Kingsey Avenue, Emsworth, Hampshire, PO10 7HP.
Registered UK Charity No. 243305