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Cults & the Occult

Cults & New Religious Movements

Deo Gloria OutreachOver many years Deo Gloria was involved in helping those involved in cults or new religious movements, and their families. This work consisted of handling phone-calls and letters, giving advice, and (when appropriate) linking the enquirer with someone who could give specialist help, either a counsellor or an ex-member of the group. It also involved fielding enquiries from students and the Media, and maintaining an archive of relevant information. This became a very significant part of Deo Gloria's ministry for over 20 years and thousands of people/families and organisations were helped either directly or indirectly.

It was decided by the Trustees, back in 2000, that when the member of staff responsible for this work was due to retire, Deo Gloria would not seek to replace the role or continue this very specialised ministry. Instead the Trustees sought to support other ministries involved in this area and we continue to do this now.

Should you wish to make contact with an organisation with knowledge of 'cults' and/or new religious movements then please use the links tab above.

Christian Response to the Occult

In 1982 Deo Gloria set up a new ministry to give a ChChristian Response to the Occultristian answer to the inroads that occultism was making into society at that time. Generally speaking very few Christians were aware of the subtle advances Satanic forces were making all around them through neo-paganism, spiritism, witchcraft and Satanism.

This work involved producing resources to help advise and inform Christians about the many dangers of the occult. In particular the video Doorways to Danger (available below) and the associated counselling booklet Set Free were very significant projects undertaken by CRO.

In 1996 CRO was merged into the work of the Reachout Trust which was fulfilling a similar purpose.

"We have a divine commission both to warn and inform our friends, family and neighbours that there is an enemy of God, actively engaged in both blinding them to and drawing them away from Jesus. We neither want to shout 'FIRE!' so loudly that people rush towards it, nor remain silent and see people receive life-endangering burns from their involvement with the occult."

Tom Poulson 1996 (Director of CRO).


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