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Hope '08

Deo Gloria Trust was delighted to be able to work in partnership with the Christian Enquiry Agency and Church Army on the Hope 08 initiative.

Hope 08 aimed to transform communities by churches working together in Word and Deed mission activities in villages, towns and cities. The vision was summed up by Hope's strap line: 'Do More, Do it Together, Do it in Word and Deed'. This was a very simple concept which seemed to have inspired many people. The original dream was to see 500 areas of the country involved with various initiatives throughout their communities. However, the reality was far greater, with over 1,500 areas around the country involved with Hope in some very exciting and imaginative ways. Helping to give some shape to the many possibilities afforded by Hope were High Points through the year. These were special events at Easter, Pentecost, Autumn Enquiry Courses and Christmas.

There have been many amazing stories of what happened during that period, many of which are still ongoing, as many communities were truly changed. One expression of what is happening is from NG9 (Nottingham) – if you want the full story do let Hope 08 know.

"……..At times, keeping Hope alive in NG9 has been hard work, but it's never been long before I have been encouraged by the hunger of local Christians with fresh ideas to do more together. As we persevered with Hope NG9 in 2009, with things like Home Hope gardening and decorating, and Hope in the Park a new momentum began to gather. Churches and individuals began to recognise that doing things under the Hope NG9 banner made things possible that had previously been inconceivable. An existing Parish Pantry soup kitchen began to get a vision for a major new drop-in centre and many have caught the vision for Healing on the Streets, partly inspired by the success of the Hope in the Park prayer tent ……."

Nigel Adams - Co-ordinator Hope NG9, Director Designate Hope Nottingham

Since Hope 08 finished many church leaders, denominational leaders and agencies have expressed the desire for its continuation, resulting in a day of consultation on January 19th 2010. As a result, Hope Together commenced in March 2010 and was launched on July 23rd 2010 at the ExCel International Centre in London. This is a very exciting time as we continue to seek to fulfil the vision of churches working together, having learnt many lessons in 2008. The dream is still to see the whole church working together in Word and Deed mission for the transformation of our communities, but we want to do more and to do it together.

From left to right: Mike Pilavachi, Rachel Jordan, Steve Clifford, Kiera Phyo, Laurence Singlehurst, Colin Hardicre, Andy Hawthorne, Matt Bird, Roy Crowne, Wayne Malcolm

All the major denominations are involved and excited to see further things taking place, and we are seeking real involvement with the black majority churches. The Leadership Team has increased as below:

Roy Crowne: Executive Director; Steve Clifford (Evangelical Alliance), Mike Pilavachi (Soul Survivor), Colin Hardicre (Company Secretary), Andy Hawthorne (Message), Matt Bird (MakeItHappen UK), Gavin Calver (Youth for Christ), Rachel Jordan (Church of England Mission), Kiera Phyo (Tear Fund), Laurence Singlehurst (CellUK), David Westlake (Tear Fund), Jane Holloway (World Prayer), Wendy Beech-Ward (Spring Harvest), Yemi Adedeji (Church Mission Society), Wayne Malcolm (Christian Life City)

Hope 08 aimed to transform community. Because of the success and sense of mission around the country Hope 08 values live on. As we unite, pray and work together, let's see what God can do.

Visit the Hope Together Website

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