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Deo Gloria Jubilee Competition

In 2015 the Trust celebrated its 50th Anniversary. The Trustees agreed to mark this occasion with a special competition and have set aside a total in excess of £250,000 to be given away in various amounts to the winning charities. First prize per category will be a maximum of £50,000 over a 3 year period.

The Trustees would like to thank everyone who submitted entries to the competition and to the panel of experts who were invited to short list and interview the various project leaders. The Trustees were impressed by the quality and imagination of the entries which demonstrated the great energy being put into the task of evangelism in the United Kingdom.

Competition Winners for Each Category


24/7 Prayer

2) EVANGELISM – General.

London Institiute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC)
Evangelical Alliance
Hope '08

3) EVANGELISM – Children and Youth

SGM Lifewords
Cross Rhythms

4) EVANGELISM – Islam and other religions

London City Mission

A brief outline of each of the winning projects appear below.


SPCK propose a high-impact prayer project aimed at non-Christians

  • To put prayers in three-quarters of London Underground and Newcastle Metro carriages during Lent 2016, to encourage the Tube's 5 million weekly users to pray.
  • To create a national media campaign around this, including a book, website & App and merchandising, which will challenge a further 10 million people to consider praying.

24/7 Prayer propose the establishment of prayer rooms on University campuses, to:

  • Help students find a way to hold on to, or connect with their faith in the completely new environment where they are away from their home and church.
  • Unify Christians of all denominations across the campuses.
  • Create an environment of prayer that catalyst evangelism.
  • Support student workers.
  • Connect students with opportunities for mission.
  • Create a foundation of prayer to support all CU activities across the campus.

2) EVANGELISM - general

LICC propose a new evangelistic and discipleship tool to equip Christians to be missionaries at work.

  • Transforming the way Christians see their own work and its part in God's mission.
  • Transforming the way they read the Bible as they see its wisdom for everyday working life.
  • Transforming and expanding their view of God as they see where he is already working in and through them, and as they discern what more He might do.

The Evangelical Alliance propose a project to reach young adults who are leaving church

  • Reaching young adults with the Gospel through both an online and offline community.
  • Building and maturing a network of Christians in their 20s and 30s.
  • Discipling a generation of people who are crying out for good theological content developed for them through
  • Raising up leaders and influencers through threads network gatherings.

Hope '08 propose providing opportunities for people to feel empowered and confident to share their faith with their friends, by

  • Empowering pastors to both equip their people for evangelism and to link with the evangelistic opportunities that their actions provide. This will focus on the idea of 'story' and how to communicate their story.
  • Provide opportunities for invitation.
  • Build on expectations in the Christian Community, where they can believe the Gospel has the power to change lives and to encourage local churches and communities with a growth plan for their context.
  • Getting churches to pray together and also providing some great resources that will help them communicate their faith.

3) EVANGELISM - Children and Youth

SGM Lifewords propose both a project to 1) engage non-churched young adults with the Bible through the Beatitudes and 2) to engage/disciple churched young adults through church-based activities around the Beatitudes in order to build new confidence in the Bible and Christian faith.

This would be done through:

  • A web series exploring the Beatitudes as a 'counter-cultural' narrative for our times.
  • A concept music album offering a welcoming way into the Bible and Christian faith through a holistic experience of music, visuals and interaction.
  • A roadshow/tour to give a 'live' experience of the album.
  • A social media digitally driven campaign to create a sense of intrigue and desire to be 'in the know'.
  • Free digital content to create interest and ownership amongst early adopters.
  • Over two years to identify and resource local centres ('pods').
  • Awards will be made to any community activity/centre/group that reflects 'living out NINE BEATS' aim.
  • To produce a NINE BEATS Bible booklet resource to compliment the digital, web and audio outputs.
  • To create a forum for theologians, artists, academics, field workers, and others to have dialogue together - and with the public at large.

Cross Rhythms propose engaging with young people relevantly and relationally through digital of Online Interaction, Social Media, Mobile and Smartphone engagement, and through a dedicated national youth radio service called XRhythyms.

4) EVANGELISM – Islam and other religions

London City Mission propose producing a series of 5 booklets with a Muslim audience in mind. The books will make comparisons between Christianity and Islam, particularly considering objections to Christianity that have been put forward by Muslim scholars.

The booklets will deal with the following questions often asked by Muslims:

  • Do the four gospels or the Injil provide a reliable account of Jesus' life and ministry?
  • Did Jesus die on the cross?
  • Is Jesus the Son of God?
  • Was Jesus "the way, the truth and the life" or a faithful Muslim?
  • Is the Christian view of Jesus authentic or a fabrication?

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